The legendary Hoodoo Gurus. By any measure, one of Australia’s greatest, best loved, most enduring rock bands of all time. Formed in Sydney in 1981, and inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2007 as one of the most "inventive, lyrically smart and exciting" bands in Australia. From 1960s power pop, and wild garage punk to hard driving rock and funky psychedelic kitsch their music stood out from Sydney's Detroit-inspired bands.

Find their previously unreleased track "Mighty Clean" on Rockin' 4 The Homeless Greatest Hitters 2014 - 2020.


Hailing from Adelaide in 1996, The Superjesus burst on the scene with a very unique sound. Coupling the sonic assault of a wall of guitars with Sarah McLeod's distinctive powerhouse vocals and catchy melodies, The Superjesus carved their own path both in Australia and around the world. Recently reforming twenty years on from their platinum selling album Sumo hitting number two on the ARIA chart, The Superjesus are still as popular as ever. 

Hear "The Impossible" on Rockin' 4 The Homeless Greatest Hitters 2014 - 2020.


Formed in 1990 in Sydney, Def FX play an eclectic mix of psychedelia, grunge, electronica, and heavy metal. After four albums, a number of line up changes, and some ARIA hits, they disbanded in 1997. Now, the enigmatic dynamo that is Fiona Horne has brought Def FX back for touring, and for Rockin' 4 the Homeless 2021! 


Team Utopia was born in the mind and heart of Redcliffe, Queensland native Nebe back in 2011 and has seen some impressive musicians pass through its ranks to this point. Having gone through the necessary evolution and experimentation all the best bands go through, singer, songwriter and guitarist Dan Nebe found the perfect formula in Mick Bristow, Kirsti Down and Susan Kennet. The band has gone from strength to Strength after playing some massive festivals. After cancelling international touring plans due to Covid, Team Utopia spent 2020 having babies and creating music… Team Utopia is the only band to have played every R4TH event.

Hear "Addiction" on Rockin' 4 The Homeless Greatest Hitters 2014 - 2020


Killtoys are an Australian rock outfit, originating from Brisbane Australia. Their sound is versatile insofar as its sense of innovation; the grit, passion, and rhythm of classic and modern rock is prominent, echoing the spirit contained in great Australian rock bands. Hypnotic grooves, innovative, powerful thought provoking concoctions and melodic feasts. Killtoys: push the boundaries, resist arrest, make it great, be yourself, do as thou wilt!

Hear "Real Thing" on Rockin' 4 The Homeless Greatest Hitters 2014 - 2020


Woody Point local Billy Simpson, AKA Billy Rad, known as the frontman for The Glastons has embarked on a solo project that will not disappoint his fans.  Making his debut with beautiful folk/pop ballad tracks that are powerful and full of catchy hooks. 

Hear "We Were Like Wolves" on Rockin' 4 The Homeless Greatest Hitters 2014 - 2020


An eclectic heavy blues sound, reminiscent of a blend of late 60’s/early 70’s blues club rock to 90’s/00’s grunge/blues rock, Brisbane's Box Falcon slide that needle straight into your vein, then when it hits with the dark dirty bass, drums and sexy riffs, the drug takes over.

Hear "Poor Boy" on Rockin' 4 The Homeless Greatest Hitters 2014 - 2020


Tripsitta came into the music scene as a Good time that didn’t know when to stop. Their music is the sound of the counter culture that lives and breathes in the Australian Night life. Its centered around upbeat modern indie rock with an emphasis on pre drink pump up anthems with a touch of Centerlink. Whether your G’ing up the lads for a night on the town or telling stories about last nights adventures, these boys have the tracks to become your new best mate.

Hear "The Valley" on Rockin' 4 The Homeless Greatest Hitters 2014 - 2020


Rock vocals, booming bass lines, pounding drums and catchy guitar riffs. This is Black Whiskey. Bringing back the good old arse kicking rock they love, Black Whiskey deliver an energetic collection of tracks that instill your faith that the Aussie rock scene lives on. 

Hear "Whiskey and Rock N Roll" on Rockin' 4 The Homeless Greatest Hitters 2014 - 2020


Rockin’ 4 The Homeless is an annual event organised by volunteers to support the homeless in our community.
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