1. To purchase the Rockin' 4 The Homeless: Greatest Hitters 2014 - 2020 compilation album first visit the link here

2. Click "Add to Cart"

3. On top right hand side of the page it should now show $35 next to the shopping cart icon. Click the icon to visit your cart. 

4. This will take you to the checkout section where you can enter your details and pay via PayPal or credit card. 

5. Once this is done and approved you will receive an email to your nominated email address which is both a receipt and a download link. 
     Note: The download links are on the far right of the email. One link for each disk. 

6. Click the link for Disk One. You will see a pop up like this:

Ensure it is set to "Save File" and click OK. 

7. Once you click OK, it will download a .zip file containing the .mp3 music files to your Downloads folder, this should be the same on PC or MAC.

8. Navigate to your Downloads folder on your PC, locate the file and double click. This will expand the zip into separate .mp3 files. 

9. .mp3 files can be played in iTunes or most other media players, but not on streaming services such as Spotify or YouTube. 


For iPhone users:

1. Open iTunes and make a new playlist. This is found under File > New. Name it R4TH or a name of your choice. It will show up as a blank playlist, leave it open. 

2. Go back to your Downloads folder and select all the .mp3 files that have been expanded from the .zip file (using shift + click) and drag and drop them into the playlist you have created. 
     Note: You can use two windows to do this, just make them smaller on the screen so you can see them both at once. 

3. Repeat the previous step for Disk Two to place it into the same playlist. 

4. The files will now play in iTunes and can be synced to your iPhone from there as you normally would for other content. 

For Android users

1. Android devices usually come with bundled software for syncing files from your PC to your phone. Please refer to your phone manual for instructions.

2. On certain android devices you can also simply connect your phone to your PC and approve permission on your phone (should pop up on phone screen once you connect your device) to be able to drag and drop files from your Downloads folder into the Music folder located on your phone

Alternatively for both iPhone and Android users you can always email the .mp3 files to your phone one at a time or use a cloud sync service such as Dropbox. 


Rockin’ 4 The Homeless is an annual event organised by volunteers to support the homeless in our community.
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